Eat Well When The Waitress Is Topless

Marketing agendas, techniques and mantras are so unique these days, that one can expect anything from the marketers when they try to sell their products and services. Yes! There was a time when people used to think that services cannot be promoted, only products can be marketed to the target market, but the truth is everything can be promoted one just needs the right approach for it. Okay fellows! Time for some dirty imaginations, so imagine one is having dinner in a classy hotel, café or a restaurant and suddenly a nice, blonde hairs, hazel eyes, sexy waitress shows up on the table in order to ask “ can I get you something else?” suddenly when one looks at her to answer; guess what? She is topless!!! Yes you read this right, what if she is topless? Definitely in the state of shock one may not be able to answer, but if we ask would one go back again to the same hotel, café or a restaurant for meal?? Sure thing right? So fellows this is no joke, there are some hotels, restaurant, bars and cafes which are offering delicious food with yummy waitresses.  

It is quite evident that the hotel owners are using female body as a tool to make sale (without violating the overall essence of the hotel, café or restaurant business). Definitely it’s an attraction for all the male client’s, previously there was a time when female strippers in Brisbane, hookers and prostitutes were only serving the entertainment industries but now, things are changed and now topless waitresses in Sunshine coast are serving hot food to the customers, this is not restricted to hotels and food areas only but, usually in bars, pubs and clubs this unique idea can be witnessed easily.  

According to the latest polling a café has increased overall sale by 30% after the implementation of this new idea, where topless babes are showing their jugs and serving their customers. There is a list of food places, coffee cafes, refreshment areas and hotels where topless and nude female waitresses are serving the customers countries like Europe, Australia, Canada and USA are top of the line when we talk about this sexiest way of booming food sale. Moreover male customers are more attracted towards this new idea, but according to the latest poll female customers are also playing a good role is support of this idea. There are some strictly contracts and code of conduct for the waitresses too, they cannot indulge in any sexual activity with the customer (inside the premises, after working hours things can be different), and they are not allowed to pass their telephone numbers to the customers. Overall the idea is the excite the customer and make their food experience even yummy. So what are you waiting for, eat well when the waitress is topless. escorts-Australia.jpg