The Worth Of A Job

Some occupations are more highly regarded than others. Obviously the different levels of professions – executives and managers – trump the basic employee. However, what I’m talking about are the industries themselves. Someone who is a professional athlete is somehow in elite territory, especially in Australia. We spend more money and attention on these people than media celebrities. Heck, some current and retired sports athletes have taken the jobs that used to belong to educated newscasters. It seems to be mostly for the publicity factor because more people remember a sports athlete’s name than a newscaster’s name. Likewise, actors and actresses, due to the exposure factor, are among the highest regarded people in the world. You can’t go a day without reading of someone in the movie or television industry eating a pizza while attempting to go incognito. The public laps this up every time due to the innate fascinating that humans have with fellow beings on a higher pedestal.

Sadly, some professions, which are more important for the workers themselves than for the people they service, often get the short end of the stick. Anyone who works sex jobs for a living lands smack bang in this category. Even mentioning the phrase ‘sex jobs’ gets reactions similar to that of the school kid on the playground who is eating worms. Granted, there’s a high risk level of there being grave consequences when it comes to the typical rub and tug in Melbourne. After all, one moment of lapsed concentrate and forgotten priority and someone gets pregnant or contracts a sexually transmitted disease. However, can someone really say that it’s a worthless industry?

Think about it for a moment. In a way, people who work sex jobs for a living are like computer technicians at more ‘reputable’ companies. They service people in different ways to allow them to function like regular human beings. Sometimes people (men and women alike) have needs that they can’t fulfil by themselves – as well as, unfortunately, needs that can’t be fulfilled by their partners. It doesn’t have to be a nasty or messy need but for whatever reason, the partner is adverse to it. So, resorting to people who work in sex jobs and can perform the necessary services becomes the only resort.

However, while societal propriety runs rampant in developed civilisations, sex jobs will remain one of the concepts which leave bad tastes in people’s mouths. It gets to the point that people complain openly in different forums just to vent. Whether it be using the Internet or writing letters to newspapers and magazines, they will try and persuade fellow readers and users to their point of view. Sometimes they’ll garner sympathy and support. Sometimes they’ll provoke exasperation. In a sense, they’re not wrong. Sex jobs in Melbourne aren’t something you want to expose to children and advertising is rife. But it’s not the monster industry they think it is.